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The Hohenstaufen were a dynasty of Kings of Germany, many of whom were also crowned Holy Roman Emperor and Dukes of Swabia. The proper name, taken from their castle in Swabia, is Staufen.

When the last member of the Salian dynasty, Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor, died without an heir there was controversy about the succession. Frederick and Conrad, the two current male Staufens, were grandsons of Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor and nephews of Henry V. After the death of the intervening king and emperor Lothar III of Supplinburg, in 1137, Conrad became Conrad III of Germany.


Members of the Hohenstaufen family

Holy Roman Emperors and Kings of Germany

The last ruling Hohenstaufen, Conrad IV, was never crowned emperor. After a 20 year period the first Habsburg was elected king.

Dukes of Swabia

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also called Staufer Dynasty,

German dynasty that ruled the Holy Roman Empire from 1138 to 1208 and from 1212 to 1254. The founder of the line was the count Friedrich (died 1105), who built Staufen Castle in the Swabian Jura Mountains and was rewarded for his fidelity to Emperor Heinrich IV. (1050-1106) by being appointed duke of Swabia as Friedrich I in 1079. He later married Heinrich’s daughter Agnes. His two sons, Friedrich II, duke of Swabia, and Konrad, were the heirs of their uncle, Emperor Heinrich V. (1086-1125), who died childless in 1125. After the interim reign of the Saxon Lothair III. (1075-1137), Konrad became German king and Holy Roman emperor as Konrad III. (1093-1152) in 1138. Subsequent Hohenstaufen rulers were Friedrich I. Barbarossa (1123-1190) (Holy Roman emperor 1155?90), Heinrich VI. (1165-1197) (Holy Roman emperor 1191?97), Philip of Swabia (king 1198? 1208), Friedrich II. (1194-1250) (king, 1212?50, emperor 1220?50), and Conrad IV (king 1237?54). The Hohenstaufen, especially Friedrich I and Friedrich II, continued the struggle with the papacy that began under their Salian predecessors, and were active in Italian affairs.

The Last Empress of the Imperial Dynasty Avril von Hohenstaufen Buren  Anjou Plantagenet Saint Genis is H.I.R.H. Princess Yasmine Aprile von Hohenstaufen Puoti (1946 Chateau Princes Puoti Palais Puoti- Villa di Briano)

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Sources Encylopedia Britannica 2002, Expanded on DVD



SAIR Principessa Kathrin Ira Yasmine Aprile von Hohenstaufen Puoti - Medico Chirurgo - Onco-Ematologo

HIRH Princess Kathrin von Hohenstaufen d’Anjou Plantagenet

( Actually living in London )

∞  Principality Hohenstaufen Castle Alfi Fiordimonte ( MC , ITALY )

Avril Castle or Aberycastle ( Wales )

Saint Dynasty Avril de Saint Genis Buren Anjou Plantagenet or de Plante ,

or Staufer Frius Sicena Sveva Fons ,

Sancta Propago Aprilis Stoffensi Domi Sicena Sveva Anglicana Fons ,

Pedigree of Frederich Avril ( Abery ) de Saint Genis Buren d’Anjou Hohenstaufen Plantagenet of Avril de l’Enclos Aberystwith of Wales ( Avril Castle ) Fridericus Jaesus Six Rex ,

Federico II Imperatore 1194-1250 ,

married to Isabella d’Anjou Plantagenet , Princess of Wales 1214-1241


Fridericus Yaesou Six Rex Melchisedek

Tomba di Federico Re di Sicilia Figlio di Federico II ed Isabella of England

Federico Avril de Buren d’Anjou de Saint Genis Saintonge de Niphi Nerò Avril d’Imavrincour de Masquinade Weiblinghen Hohenstaufen Plantagenet 1240-1286 , ” Die Zeit der Staufer ”

married to Princess Elisabeth von Oesterreich ,


Alla Sinistra del Aquila Federiciana il Volto d’Isabella of England ; Alla Destra del Aquila … il Volto di Federico II 

 Criptogrammi Recitano Staufer Frius Pinon Recescegene Sicene Sveve Anglicane Fontanis

Enrico von Hohenstaufen Avril de Buren d’Anjou (1285-1355)

married to Princess Maria von Habsburg


Aimericus Federico Enrico (1315-1380)

married to Elisabeth von Saxen


Federico Enrico

married Elisabeth von Oesterreich (1347-1412)


Aimericus Enrich Thomas (182-1445)

married to Agnes von Zollern Hohenberg ” Hohenzollern “


Aimerian Joseph (1432-1502)

married to Ismene ( Jasemine ) Esterhazy


Thomas Vincent (1457-1502)

married Ira Troubetzkoy


Armand (1478-1548)

married Elisabeth von Tchernigova Gorkakova Holzhappel


William (1502-1580)

married to Iolanda Lascaris Jagellone


Gripho Carolus Thomas (1535-1596)

married to Irene Paleologos Comneno


Joseph Aymericus (1567-1600)

married to Irene  Wettin Meissen von Thueringen Saxe-Coburg von Zringen


Karl Brian (1589-1669)

married to Kristine von Cossuoen Holstein


Karl Brian (1589-1669)

married to Alexandra Jagelloni


Ernest Karl John (1614-1694)

married to Katharina von Pomerania


Federico Guglielmo Aimar (1642-1719)

married to Margherita Gorgakova von Leyssel


Maximillian Aimericus (1670-1749)

married to Alexandra Ira Youssupova Zollerin Hohenberg


Aimericus (1700-1765)

married to Ester Putiatina Dolgurukij


Johan Brian (1729-1789)

married to Katharina Wittelsbach von Oldenburg


Aimer William (1759-1803)

married to Maria von Hannover


Fridericus Thomas (178-1854)

married Alexandra von Hohenzollern


Ernest Johan (1807-1833)

married to Maria Oldenburg Dolgorukij


Joseph Armand Heinz (1826-1858)

married to Katharina Yusupova


Aimericus Thomas Henzio (1845-1873)

married to Elviria (detta Elpis o Elvis) Hohenzollern Yussupova


Vincent Heinz Konrad Brian ( italianizzato da Lady Julie von Schwaben e Re Vittorio Emanuele 1873 )

married to Giovanna Puoti von Bisanzio und von Castello Poto Castrum Komne ( Poti ) Komneno Paleologo


Giuseppe (1911-1985)

married to Philomene ( Philly ) Allegro d’Alegre de Hochstaden de Hostade Alegre de Bourbon Tourzell Puoti Isenburg

Pedigree : Dinasty Hohenstaufen Macedonio Aprile di Saint Genis Buren Anjou Plantagenet Puoti

1) Princess Giovanna married to Prince Ing. Roberto Macedonio , Duke of Grottolella , Marquis of Ruggiano , Oliveto Citra , Capriglia e Tortora Nisida Grotteria Locri Foligno e Baron of Poligori in Calabria

Dinasty Hohenstaufen Veruli Saxe Coburgo Gotha

Macedonio http://www.hohenstaufen.org.uk/mausoleo_di_gallia_placidia.htm

2) Princess Rosemarie married to Prince ( Architect ) E. Alaric Veruli Saxe Coburgo Gotha , and in second marriage with Prince Duke ( Dr. ) Vincenzo Macedonio di Grottolella , Ruggiano , Nisida etc.

Dinasty Hohenstaufen Hohenzollern Aprile de Saint Genis Buren d’Anjou Plantagenet Puoti

3) HIRH Princess Yasmin Gelsomina Elisabetta ( Federica III )  , Queen of Sicily , Italy , Germany , Bourgogne , Jerusaleme , Arless  

widowed Prinz ( M.D. ) Federico Ernest von Thueringen  Hohenzollern Zolering Hohenberg


Princess M.D. ( Onco-Ematologo – University of Milan , Italy ) Kathrin Ira Yasmine Aprile von Hohenstaufen Puoti ( Avril de Buren d’Anjou de Saint Genis and von Hohenzollern ) ;


Surname Concessions to the Sons of The Husband , Prince Friedrich Ernst von Hohenzollern of HIRH Princess Yasmin von Hohenstaufen ( widowed Hohenzollern ) to :

Dott. Albert Federico George ; Burchard Frederich ; Sybilla Hohenzollern Avril de Saint Genis Buren d’Anjou Hohenstaufen Puoti di Bisanzio

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